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Products of good quality

管理员:煜科管理人气:1027发表时间:2016-09-11 16:23

      Yu ke product basic by steel, zinc alloy steel, zinc phosphide, akzo Nobel imitation enamel layer, the thickness of a times thicker than the same price of stainless steel materials, its impact resistance, resistance to wear is quite good.Zinc phosphate layer has good corrosion resistance, and enhance the adhesion of coating and substrate, using the surface of the akzo Nobel polymer - electrostatic spraying, with super corrosion resistance, impact resistance, salt fog resistance, has excellent uv resistance, oxidation resistance, to ensure that twenty years does not rust, does not change color.Surface generally is milky white, natural, elegant and generous.Also can choose colorful color according to customer's preferences.Product use the high strength of modified nylon, aluminum alloy, zinc YeLi engineering steel connection assembly, to ensure that the products are strong and beautiful and durable YeLi color zinc steel profiles of assembly and installation is simple, convenient and easy to use.