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Medical oxygen generator product introduction

管理员:煜科管理人气:12发表时间:2021-11-24 15:21

Medical oxygen generator adopts PSA technology, namely molecular sieve pressure shift adsorption method for on-site oxygen production, oxygen flow, purity, pressure real-time online display, flow, pressure, purity alarm can be set. Advanced control system makes the operation more simple, can realize truly unmanned operation, on duty, and can realize remote automatic control, real-time monitoring of various working conditions, so as to ensure the stability of oxygen flow, purity, pressure.

Working principle:

According to the pressure swing adsorption principle, the use of zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent, due to the characteristics of selective adsorption zeolite molecular sieve, nitrogen adsorption by zeolite molecular sieve, oxygen is enriched in the gas phase, nitrogen and oxygen separation under the action of pressure swing adsorption. Using two adsorption tower process, one tower adsorption oxygen production, one tower desorption regeneration, through PLC intelligent program to control the opening and closing of pneumatic Angle seat valve, so that the two towers cycle alternately, continuous output of high quality oxygen.


Oxygen capacity: 1 ~ 300Nm3/hr

Purity: 93% plus or minus 3%

Pressure: 0.01~ 0.6mpa (adjustable)

Atmospheric dew point: -40℃~-70℃(adjustable)

Characteristics and functions of medical oxygen generator:

1, the adsorption tower uses advanced combined coconut pad compaction technology, from the oxygen generator began to work into the working state, in the working state, always ensure the molecular sieve compaction, while not breaking the molecular sieve, to avoid the phenomenon of molecular sieve powder caused by high speed impact of air flow. Compared with spring compression, cylinder compression, air bag compression device, the compression device has stronger reliability and more convenient maintenance.

2, advanced lotus shaped component design, fully consider and avoid the adsorption process of gas on the molecular sieve high speed impact, avoid the high speed impact of the airflow molecular sieve powder phenomenon, at the same time to avoid the powder powder into the pipeline, valve caused by valve leakage, stuck and other phenomena.

3, professional snowstorm combined filling technology, so that the molecular sieve filled more uniform compaction, to ensure that the molecular sieve in the adsorption process does not produce fluidized state, do not need to regularly add expensive molecular sieve.

4, molecular sieve composite bed structure, ensure the low water content of the air into the molecular sieve, so that the molecular sieve will not absorb excessive water and affect the decline of mechanical strength, is conducive to the long-term service life of molecular sieve.

5, the use of imported valves, reaction speed of 0.02 seconds, the normal state of continuous switching more than 2 million times, with simple structure, reliable sealing, fast closing speed and other characteristics, is the basic guarantee of oxygen purity and reliable operation of equipment.

6, choose the international brand of intelligent controller - PLC programmable controller and two three solenoid valve, so that the continuous and reliable operation of nitrogen machine is guaranteed.

7, the use of stable performance of excellent air source purification cold and dry machine and other supporting equipment, which cold and dry machine, filter automatic sewage, filter shell with differential pressure meter can be observed at any time the working condition of the filter element, to ensure air quality, provide a good air source.

8. The system equipment is equipped with pressure gauge, safety valve, matching flange and other pipeline accessories. The complete set of equipment is assembled with bottom frame, and the internal pipeline valves have been connected.

9. Detailed equipment operation, maintenance and training plans are considered for users to ensure correct operation and maintenance of management operators.

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