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PULSAFEEDER metering pump

产品分类: Metering Pump
    Founded in the early 1940s, the American PULSAFEEDER metering pump company, Larry Wilson, invented the Wilson chemicals feeding device, the world's first hydraulic diaphragm metering pump.In 1939, the LeRoy, n.y., company purchased the design of Wilson's chemical feed equipment and began to produce the first PULSAFEEDER metering pump for heart surgery. Shanghai Yuke electromechanical technology co., LTD. Is a sales agent of PULSAFEEDER metering pump of PULSAFEEDER in the us, and we welcome you to know: 021-62288709。

    PULSAFEEDER metering pump was added to the IDEX group in May 1992.IDEX is a super large multinational corporation, which owns a gear pump group Viking, pneumatic pump AODD group, and a flow meter LCgroup.Provide the best fluid solutions for customers worldwide.IDEX's various company designs, production, sales volume pumps, flow meters and other fluid handling pumps to deliver equipment and systems.IDEX is a diversified manufacturing company with global production, design and sales capabilities.By implementing LEAN production processes in the overall business, Kaizen continuous improvement process, 6sigma process and global procurement systemare committed to achieving the perfect operation and continuous process improvement.With our solid technical capabilities and fast and innovative work enthusiasm, we can provide you with high-quality products that meet the fluid delivery requirements of any industry, anywhere in the world.

    With more than 70 years' experience in professional design and production of high quality metering pumps, PULSAFEEDER company provides its series of products and technical services worldwide and is an outstanding representative in the metering pump industry.The inventor of the world's first hydraulic diaphragm metering pump.

    PULSAFEEDER is a metering pump and a combination of metering pumps and controllers mainly used in the following industries:

    Municipal water treatment and wastewater treatment boilers and cooling water treatment

    Additives paper, coatings and additives for petrochemical and chemical industries

    Laboratory applications for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

    Metallurgy, electronic industry

    Product categories

    PULSA GLM mechanical diaphragm pump

    PULSA series hydraulic balance diaphragm metering pump

    PULSAR series hydraulic balance diaphragm metering pump

    Non - metallic Eclipse magnetic gear pump,not of metal

    Metallic Eclipse magnetic metal gear pump

    ISOCHEM magnetic drive gear pump/centrifugal pump

    ECO metal gear pump

    Eastern centrifugal pump

    Periflo hose pump

    PULSAlarm leak detection system

    Dosing system

    Customization solution

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