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VIKING gear pump

产品分类: Gear Pump
    VIKING gear pump is a brand product, IDEX IDEX has a positive displacement pump, flow meter, many well-known brands in the field of the compressor and fuel injector, is the rapid growth of infrastructure market (including alternative energy, oil and gas, water and waste water) of one of the best suppliers.Shanghai yuke electromechanical technology co., LTD. Is the agent of wiken VIKING gear pump. Welcome to:0086-021-62288709.

    The brand profile of VIKING gear pump:

    Viking brand is the leader of the globalpump.Since it was founded in 1911 and invented the first internal gear, we relyon more than 100 years of industry experience, a variety of positivedisplacement pump solution and global manufacturing center, customizedsolutions for fluid handling and world-class service.Full range of internalmeshing gear pump, external gear pump, sliding-vane pump and CAM pump, cansolve the pump problem of any fluid in process flow.

    The application market of VIKING gear pump:





    The paper

    Paint and paint


    Water treatment

    The product classification of VIKING gearpump:

    Internal gear pump

    The outer gear pump

    CAM rotor pump

    Vane pump

    Gear reducer

    Feed valve

    Dynamic load monitoring system

    Customization solution

    VIKING gear pump products:

    Special purpose pump

    Corrosion resistant external gear pump

    High speed 4076 series

    Heavy duty high speed 19 series

    External gear pump SG series

    Magnetic drive series

    Heavy 12 series

    Flange installation 75 series

    The characteristics and advantages of LACTproduct combination of VIKING gear pump:

    Full range of LACT pumps and filters

    Select LACT pump for reliable operation

    The public port location (CPL) on thebooster pump allows the pump to be updated after IP without changing the centerline height of the motor, floor or pipe.* special orders for certain models *

    After the charging and booster pump isused, the design can be easy to maintain/zero pipeline interruption

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