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FRANKLIN submersible pump

产品分类: Water Pump

    FRANKLIN electric is a global leader in pump and oil station systems and their components.

    FRANKLIN electric is a manufacturer of submersible pumps and has become a technical leader in the manufacture of pumps, actuators and controllers.

    FRANKLIN electric is committed to providing quality services to customers worldwide in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, municipal and oil station applications.

    The FRANKLIN (FRANKLIN) company mainly produces electric submersible motor stator shielding type, specification is 4 inches, 6 inches and eight inches, power range of 0.37-225 kw, including four inches and 6 inches motor can be used for single-phase power supply products, suitable for ordinary Wells, sand Wells, high temperature hot well, tall building water supply and constant pressure frequency conversion water supply system. The company also provides corrosion-resistant motors for use in seawater and harsh environments. To meet the needs of customers in some regions, franklin electric company also provides 6-10 "stator rewound water motors with power ranges from 3.7-30 kw, which can be easily rewound for stator windings.

    FRANKLIN (FRANKLIN) shield type submersible motor adopts the world's most advanced production technology and equipment, the high quality of stator winding with special self-healing resin fixed on the stator fully sealed stainless steel shell, because of the fixed and do not contact liquid, the stator winding to avoid the possible water shock, and obtained good mechanical protection because of the special resin again good thermal performance improved motor cooling conditions, and the resin can be self healed after breakdown, therefore, FRANKLIN submersible motor with high efficiency, long life, low use cost.

    FRANKLIN (FRANKLIN) submersible motors use potable water lubrication, system antifreeze, drinkable water lubrication good filling in the production, and through the special check valve filter system in use process automatically from the well water supplement at any time, the technology can avoid the oil-filled submersible motor type for sealing problem caused by water pollution, shortage of lubricating medium, and the problem of short service life of high temperature 90 ℃.

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