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Use fan of maintenance and maintenance

人气:869发表时间:2017-04-21 15:45

The fan in the process of using preventive maintenance and simple analysis is as follows:

The fan of maintenance:

1, only under the condition of the fan

equipment completely normal operation, so before the use should check;

2,People should pay attention to fan, fan repair after the start, each part is working correctly;

3, regular cleaning fan internal dust and dirt and impurities, pay attention to prevent rust;

4, in order to ensure the personal safety, the maintenance of the fan, cut off the power supply and can be shut down.

When the fan run normally considerations:

1, in the process of fan drive, parking or running, if found abnormal situations should immediately check, small fault timely solve, large fault immediately stop overhaul.

2, should be replaced after each maintenance lubricant, under normal circumstances should also be in accordance with the situation change.

3, fan outdoor use or storage, attention should be paid to the waterproof, prevent rust.

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