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Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Installation Method

人气:828发表时间:2017-04-27 10:54

In the process of installation and shall,from time to time to host the assembly equipment, parts and accessoriesappearance quality inspection, to install the scene.The specialist isresponsible for the command, the work high above the installation or liftingheavy equipment, must adopt corresponding safety precautions, installationpersonnel.All installed with safety helmet, the installation work to be inorder.

 Mechanical andelectrical work when installation, must receive pre-job training, master thegeneral installation.Knowledge, be familiar with the installation standards,the leveling must be leveling, the connection part of the bolt must be a lotof, the wear of the anchor bolt.Bit must be a lot of;Electrician should beaccording to the regulations on equipment power supply electricalspecification, should be done to switch power supply equipment, controlpanel.To meet good electrical maintenance in advance, after the commissioningof equipment must be.

 Otherwise, not only itis difficult to put in place, connect each other, and hoisting machinery.Alsocannot put, the installation is collaboration, such as: mechanical parts bymechanical personnel responsible for the installation, electrical part byelectrical personnel responsible for even.Pick up, after installation, to theintegrity of the equipment installation, rationality, security check, etc.

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