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Debugging Process Should Pay Attention to Matters in Water Treatment(一)

人气:731发表时间:2017-05-15 09:11

Shanghai Yu ke mechanical and electricaltechnology co., LTD. With ten years of experience in sales of water treatmentequipment water treatment the matters needing attention in the process ofdebugging are summarized as follows:

1, if the water temperature above and below25 ℃, should be revised according to the water temperature, water ratecurve, control the recovery was 75%.

2 four hours after continuous operation,water treatment equipment, desalination rate can't meet the design shouldexamine equipment removal rate of each component in the desalination rate,produce the fault components after a replacement components.

3, water treatment in the process ofdebugging feed water pressure shall not be greater than 2.0 MPa, and only towithstand voltage test equipment.

4, found leaking water treatment equipmentof high pressure pipeline should be ruled out, the device should be pressurerelief, it is forbidden to high-pressure situations loose high-voltageconnectors.

5, water treatment equipment surroundingstemperature minimum shall not be lower than 5 ℃, the highest nomore than 38 ℃.When the temperature above 35 ℃, the ventilationmeasures should be strengthened.

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