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Debugging Process Should Pay Attention to Matters in Water Treatment(二)

人气:761发表时间:2017-05-22 13:21

6, adjust the pressure value, on the premise of meet water rate and water quality, try to take low pressure value.

7, control through the amount of salt, salt through quantity related to the concentration and temperature on both sides of the membrane. So should control system recovery rate at about 75%, keep the water temperature is in 20 to 25 ℃ or so, the highest shall not be greater than 30 ℃.

8, water treatment equipment, desalination system recovery was 75%. The lower system is easy to prevent fouling and recovery of membrane pollution.

9, emissions control. Due to the changes of factors such as water temperature, operating pressure, the water rate for device corresponding changes, adjust then respond to emissions, emissions control and water rate between the ratio of 1:1. 5.

10, normal water treatment equipment in the operation of membrane element by infiltration water flushing, so only in RO water yield by 10% 15% increase in pressure drop, desalination ratesignificantly decreased or human demands, system for chemical cleaning.But inorder to guarantee the safe operation of the system for a long period of time,usually one to be cleaned once a year and a half.When cleaning direction and run in the same direction, do not allow the reverse cleaning,lest produce film roll out and damage the membrane element.

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