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Debugging of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment

人气:927发表时间:2017-06-05 13:59

Mechanical and electrical equipment in the factory mostly cannot be assembled and test, even if has been used in other places of mechanical and electrical equipment, because of disassembly,transport and reassembling equipment will affect the original state, therefore,mechanical and electrical equipment must be in after the installation and debugging.For mechanical and electrical equipment, not only need to debug work after assembly, and the over haul, reconstruction, self-control, update, and new mechanical and electrical equipment are need to debug. Before formally inmechanical and electrical equipment debugging, shall be for the safety of the electrical and mechanical equipment, rationality and integrity checking, this helps to smooth electrical equipment debugging. In the debugging phase of electromechanical equipment, the economic performance, reliable performance,operating performance and the quality of the work shall be studied. Load and load test of electromechanical equipment in order to be able to check whetherit meets the requirements of industrial production. During mechanical and electricalequipment debugging, all involved in debugging of rand omization and mechanical personnel should stick to jobs, to be able to command the operation of mechanical and electrical equipment control method, debugging process,technical conditions, etc.; In mechanical and electrical equipment debugging of the whole link need to be record, record data and writing technical reports on the solution of the legacy after as well as the equipment operation and so on has important meaning. After the commissioning of electromechanical equipment,it is necessary to write the technical report of the equipment in time for the commissioning of the equipment, and then the important basis for the financial acceptance, the asset appraisal and the acceptance of the technology. The installation debug report should be based on the ability to reproduce theentire process, and the results should be in line with the actual results.

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