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Precautions Should be Taken When Installing Valves

人气:745发表时间:2017-06-08 09:41

The note for the installation of the valveis summarized as follows:

1.When carrying valves, no throw is allowed

When stacked, carbon steel valves should be separated from stainless steel valves and non-ferrous metal valves. When the valve is mounted, the wire rope should be attached to the valve body and the cover flange, not on the hand wheel or stem, in case the valve stem and hand wheel are damaged.

2.The valve cannot be laid directly for use in case of rust valve stem

The valve should be installed in operation,inspection, disassembly, repair and operation.

3.The valve installation position should not interfere with the equipment

The installation height should be convenient for operation and maintenance. Operating more valves, when must be installed from the operating surface 1. More than 8 m, shall set up a fixed platform, when must be installed in the above or below the surface, should be set extension rod or install the valve stem level, at the same time put a hand wheel or remote control device with gear. The Angle of valve transmission line shouldnot be greater than 30 degrees, its joints should be flexible and clever when operating, indicating accuracy. A valve with thermal displacement should becompensated.

4.Place the valve vertically or in theupper semicircle

Best horizontal pipeline valve on the valvestem vertically up or be installed within the scope of semicircle, but down the stem may not be installed vertically on the valve stem, the hand wheel must follow the operating circuit line direction installation. When conditions areavailable, the valve should be installed as centrally as possible in order tooperate. Valves above more than 4m above ground should not be installed outside the platform for installation and operation. 

5.For directional valves

With directional valve is installed, should be determined according to the flow direction of medium of the pipe when the installation direction such as installing a cut-off valve, should the media from the valve to the above, below commonly known as low into the above. When installing the plug and gate valve, allow the medium to flow from the end. When install the check valve, must pay special attention to the flow of medium, in order to ensure the valve plate can automatically open, important occasions to outside the body clearly marked with arrows, indicating medium flow direction. For swing check valves, the rotating pivot of the plug board shall be kept in ahorizontal position. For lifting check valves, ensure that the centerline ofthe disc is perpendicular to the horizontal plane.

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