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Improvement of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Technology

人气:812发表时间:2017-06-12 11:00

1, strict construction organization designand equipment, facility selection

Construction organization design andequipment, the facility choice is agreed by the relevant scientific andtechnological personnel to study, through technical calculation and checking,both its use value, guaranteeing the economic benefits of good, don't changethe selection of equipment, otherwise it will affect the progress of thefoundation work. 

2,Carry out installation work according tothe scheduled plan

Every mechanical and electrical equipmentinstallation sequence has its scientific nature. Queue is a installation planafter many considerations, through technology demonstration discharge, is basedon science and have certain guidance, don't change, so as not to cause backwork slowdown, engineering progress continuously. 

3,The installation must be arranged ingeneral and arranged in a unified way

For large installation project, due to theequipment, installation links, so for every installation must have overallarrangement, achieve the unified arrangement, construction group must have aunified command of the electromechanical captain, deputy general manager (orproject) to coordinate all activities, ideas, opinions from the worker's work. Asa manager for the installation to know, to do, what to do next, what materialsand equipped with a lack of, what problems still exist such as all want to havesome idea of the preparations in advance, must be in place in advance, that itdoesn't make outs in the installation work of the passive situation. 

4, the installation must be done by theLord

A project has a starting condition, a powersupply first, a source of power, and a hoisting equipment (including derrickand hoisting winch).In order to achieve the purpose of the short term, theinstallation must have a primary and a secondary priority. Only to theinstallation of substation, compressor, derrick, the hoist work have areasonable arrangement, the installation work purposefully planned way, toachieve the effect of get twice the result with half the effort.

5,Work strictly according to designrequirements

Each kind of equipment installation, has avery strict technical requirements, only according to the technicalrequirements for the construction of design, to reduce unnecessary loss of timeand material consumption. The basis of a kind of equipment is calculated bydesign department, according to requirement construction, can assure quality,assure safety. 

6,Install the equipment according to thenormal installation

The installation of each kind of equipmenthas certain operation and working order, cannot be rushed to seek, the processis turned upside down. For example: the rig is installed, the normal operationmethod is a layer after assembly, the first operation is done to find thepositive, and then the installation is carried out. After the rig has beeninstalled, each connection must be put on a lot of bolts, tighten all theconnection bolts, and make the whole thing flat. In the end, it was the fourfeet of the rig. Must not a layer after the installation is not early to findis cao ping, overall after the installation is not accurate find is cao ping,connection parts missing parts, filling and grey, the second time to the upperinstallation work difficult, cause bad on, in, wear bolt finishing such as thephenomenon of quantities, the result is installation quality is low, noteligible for installation quality standard requirements. 

 7,Improvethe overall quality of mechanical and electrical workers

Low quality of mechatronics is the humanfactor causing the installation speed and low quality of installation. Mechanicaland electrical work at installation time, must receive pre-job training, masterthe general installation knowledge, familiar with the installation standards,the leveling must be leveling, the connection part of the bolt must be a lotof, the wear parts must be a lot of the anchor bolt; Electrician should beaccording to the regulations on equipment power supply specification toelectricity, the power supply equipment switches, control panel should beinspection in advance, after good electricity must to test run the equipment.

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