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Operate Valve's Cautions

人气:776发表时间:2017-06-15 13:08

Valve is an important component of thermal system,operation personnel often have to deal with the valve, so must be familiar with and master the structure and performance of the valve, the correct recognition marks, indicating the direction valve and the opening signal, should be able to accurately adjust and skilled operating valve decisively to deal with all kinds of emergency fault in time. Here are some of the main things to watch for:

1. Identify the valve's switch direction. General manual valve, direction valve is closed, the hand wheel clockwise direction said open valve counterclockwise direction, have individual direction contrary to the opening and closing valve, should check before sign again after opening and closing operation, groove parallel to the channel of plug valve stem end face, indicating the valve in full open position, when the valve stem rotate 90°, groove and the vertical channel, indicate the valve in a seated position,some cock valve with a wrench and open channel parallel, perpendicular to shut down. The operation of the valve shall be opened and closed.

2. The strength should be appropriate, the operating valve, the damage of conduct force is too large, easy to handle, handwheel, abrasions stem and sealing surface, even crush seal face, do not use the wrench valve open/close small, greatly too forcibly to prevent, damage to thevalve.

3. Open the steam valve, he has to preheat pipelines, remove the condensate, opens slowly open, lest produce water hammer,damaging the valve and equipment.

The large diameter valve has the bypass valve. When open, the bypass valve should be opened. After the pressure difference is reduced, the large valve is opened. When closing, close the bypass valve first and then close the large valve.

Gate valve, globe valve open head, want toturn 1/4-1/2 ring, good for operation check, lest twist too tight, damage valve.

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