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The correct operation of the valve

人气:846发表时间:2017-06-19 13:50

For valves, not only will it be installed and maintained, but it will also be operated, with manual valves open and closed:

1, manual valve is the most widely used,its the hand wheel or handle, is designed according to the ordinary human,considering the strength of the sealing surface and the necessary closing force. So you can't use a long lever or a long wrench. Some people are used to the use of boards, and should be careful not to overexert too much, otherwise it is easy to damage the cover, or the hand wheel and handle.

Open valve, force should be smooth, notimpact. Some of the high-pressure valve components that impact the opening and closing of the valve have considered this impact and the general valve cannot wait.

In the case of steam valves, pre-heating should be pre-heated, and the condensation water should be excluded. As soon as possible, it should be as slow as possible to avoid water shock.

When the valve is fully open, the hand wheel should be reversed a little, so that the thread should be tight between thread,so as not to loosen the damage. For bright stem valves, keep in mind full open and closed valve stem positions to avoid full open impact. It is also easy to check if the entire closure is normal. If the valve handle falls off, or the valve core seal is embedded in the larger sundry, the position of the stem of the whole closed time will change.

5, at the beginning of the line, internal dirt is more, can raise the valve, using high speed flow of medium, it washed away, then gently close (not quick closure, slammed shut, to prevent residual impurities task of sealing surface), open again, repeat many times, clean dirt,back into work.

Open the valve frequently, the sealing surface may be sticky and dirty, and the method will be used to clean it up when it is closed, then formally close the valve.

7, such as the hand wheel, handle damaged or lost, should immediately to match neat, do not replace with adjustable wrench, in order to avoid damage to the valve stem, opening and closing is ineffective, so that accidents in production.

8, some medium, close the valve after cooling, shrink valve parts, operators should be in appropriate time to close it again, let the sealing surface crack, leaving no otherwise, medium thin seam high-speed flow, it is easy to erosion seal face.

When operating, if the operation is tool aborious, the reason should be analyzed. If the packing is too tight, it can be relaxed, such as stem skew, should be repaired. Some valves, when closed,turn off heat expansion and cause trouble. If you have to open it at this time,you can screw the valve cap to a circle, remove the stem stress, and then start the wheel.

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