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Valve installation precautions

人气:759发表时间:2017-06-22 13:08

1, above 200 ℃ high temperaturevalve, due to the installation at room temperature, the normal use,temperature, expansion bolt is heated, clearance increase, so must tightenagain, is called a "hot", the operator should pay attention to thiswork, otherwise easy to leak.

2. When the weather is cold, the watervalve will be closed for a long time. After the steam valve has stopped, thecondensation water should also be excluded. The bottom of the valve is like aplug, which can be opened and drained.

3. Non-metal valves, some are hard andbrittle, some have low strength, when operating, open and closed force cannotbe too big, especially not to make the force. Note that there are no objects tobe touched.

4. When the new valve is used, the packingshould not be pressed too tightly, so as not to leak out, so as to avoid thevalve stem being pressed too much, to speed up the wear, but also to open andclose the trouble.

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