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The valve overhaul should pay attention to what matters

人气:1103发表时间:2017-06-26 14:56

When the valve is overhauled, it is required to be carried out in a clean environment. First remove the outer surface of the valve. Check for physical damage and record. Then remove all other parts of the valve and clean it with kerosene (do not use gasoline to clean it, so as not to cause fire), check the damage of the other parts, and record it.

1. Test the valve cover of the valve body. In case of high pressure valve, there are non-destructive inspection, such as ultrasonic flaw detection, X-ray detection.

2. The sealing ring can be tested with red dank powder, seat, gate plate (valve office).Check that the stem is bent, not corroded, and the thread is worn. Check valve stem nut wear.

3. Deal with the problems checked. Body weld defects. Surfacing or updating sealing ring. Straightening or replacing the stem. Repair other parts that should be repaired; Unable to repair replacement.

4. Reassemble the valve. When assembling, the gasket and packing should be replaced completely.

5. Conduct strength test and sealing test.

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