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The cause and elimination of the filling letter leakage

人气:1049发表时间:2017-06-29 14:57

There are several reasons for the leakage of the stuffing box:

The corrosive, temperature, and pressure of the packing and working medium are not suitable for; The filling method is not correct, especially the whole filling packing, which can produce the leakage most easily. The stem machining accuracy or surface finish is not enough, or has the ellipticity, or has the Nick; The stem has been etched or rusted for lack of protection in the open air; The valve stem is bent; The stuffing has been used for too long and has aged; It's too aggressive.

The method to eliminate the packing leakage is: the proper selection of filler; To fill in properly; The valve stem is not qualified to be processed, should be repaired or replaced, the surface finish shall reach the minimum of del 5, which is more important, to reach del 8 above, without any other defects; The protection measures shall be taken to prevent the rust from corroding; The stem bending must be straightened or updated. After a certain amount of time, the filling shall be replaced. The operation should pay attention to the stable, slow down, prevent temperature change or medium shock.

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