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What is float switch, what is its main function?

人气:1154发表时间:2017-07-10 14:27

The float switch is a very critical device that controls the liquid level of the reservoir, which is divided into single-stage float switches and two-stage float switches. The float switch when the liquid level lower float sink, switch contact closure, the contact can be used to control metering pump, such as stop start metering pump metering pump 1and 2, can also be used to turn on the alarm indicates a medicine storage barrel empty/light. The float switch can be applied to the collecting tank by means of the reverse motion of the float, indicating that the tank has been filled and the metering pump has been stopped. 

The single-stage float switch is different from the two-stage float switch: when the switch action, the single-stage float switch stops the metering pump directly. For a two-stage float switch, it can be used to alarm the lower level of the reservoir at the first stage. When the secondary switch is activated, the metering pump stops.

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