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Operational metering pump precautions

人气:1132发表时间:2017-08-11 11:21

In the operation of metering pump, it is necessary to pay attention to those matters. Shanghai yuke electromechanical is a simple reminder here. If you need to ask more questions, please contact us.

1. Air tightness of the metering pump inlet and liquid line; 

2. Whether the pressure level of the pipeline is matched with the metering pump pressure; 

3. The matching of pipe diameter and metering pump flow; 

4. Viscosity of the liquid medium, such a ssuspended particle medium, attention to whether the particle size of the medium is harmful to the work of the metering pump one-way valve; 

5. Use on-site temperature parameters for hydraulic metering pumps; 

6. Before use, check whether the metering pump range is within the range of requirements; 

7. Check whether the metering pump connection line is unblocked before use; 

8. Check whether the motor of metering pump is reversed before use;

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