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Leakage and prevention of leakage of valve

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Usuallythe packing gland leak is called leakage, and the closure is called internal leakage.Close the leak, inside the valve, not easy to find.

Close the leakage, can be divided into two types: one is the airtight cover leakage,the other is the sealing ring root leakage.

Thecause of leakage is: the sealing surface is not well ground;The sealing ring isnot tight with the seat and disc.The disc is not fastened to the stem;The valvestem bends to make up and down the wrong part;The closing is too fast, thesealing surface contact is not good or has been damaged;The material selectionis improper, cannot withstand the corrosion of the medium;The stop valve andgate valve are used for regulating valve.The sealing surface cannot withstandthe erosion of the high-speed medium.Some medium, gradually cooling after thevalve is closed, make the sealing surface crack, also produce erosionphenomenon;A threaded connection between certain sealing cover and seat anddisc, easy to produce oxygen concentration cell, corrosion loose;The valvecannot be closed tightly because of impurities such as slag, rust, dust andother impurities.

Thepreventive measures are:

Beforeuse, we must carefully test the leak, find out the sealing surface leakage orthe root leakage of the sealing ring, and then use it after processing.Checkvalve parts in advance to be in good condition and cannot use stem torsion ordisc with stem connection to valve stem;The valve should be closed to make surethat the contact between the surface of the sealing surface is not good. If thecontact is not good, it should be opened immediately to let the debris flow outand then be careful.When selecting valves, not only the corrosion resistance ofthe valve body should be considered, but also the corrosion resistance of theclosed parts should be considered;In accordance with the structural characteristicsof the valve, proper use should be used to adjust the flow components shouldadopt the regulating valve;In the case of cooling and temperature difference,the valve should be closed after cooling.When the valve seat, disc and sealing ring are threaded, it can be used with polytetrafluoroethylene to make the filling between threads, so that there is no gap;The valve that may fall intothe impurity should be added to the valve before the filter.

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